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Blue Jays 6 Braves 7: Brandon Morrow out after 2 innings with arm soreness


Braves 7 Blue Jays 6 (10 innings)

Just a quick recap from my phone, we'll add to it tomorrow when I am home.

Brandon Morrow came out after 2 ineffective innings, with arm soreess. He wasn't helped by crappy defense from, well, everyone. José Bautista made a bad throw and Edwin Encarnacion missed Morrow with a tips as Brandon s rushing to cover first.

Ramon Ortiz, Aaron Loup and Steve Delabar kept us in the game until the 10th when Thad Weber came in and have up a leadoff homer.

José Bautista homered.. Mark Derosa drove in 2. J. P. Arencibia, Colby Rasmus and Edwin driveline one each. Anthony Gose had 2 his. The Braves had their own defensive troubles. My phone battery is about to die so I'll fix this later.

Can discuss the game in the thread.