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Blue Jay Roster Moves: Redmond, Wagner and Perez up. Lawrie on the DL

Get well quick Brett
Get well quick Brett
Tom Szczerbowski

Brett Lawrie, as reported yesterday, goes on the 15-day DL. I'm hoping it won't be much longer than 15 days, because I'm not a fan of Mark DeRosa's third base stylings. The Jays aren't calling up an infielder to take his place, at least not today. Today's call ups are:

  • Juan Perez: a LHP, Perez has a 0.86 ERA in 17 appearances in Buffalo. He's allowed 12 hits, 11 walks with 25 strikeouts in 21 innings as a Bison. He has 42 MLB career appearances, with the Pirates, Phillies and Brewers, totalling 42 games and a 4.88 ERA. He'll have number 57.
  • Todd Redmond: a RHP, Redmond started this season on the DL. He has 2 appearances with the Bisons, one start and a 9.53 ERA. Todd has had 1 career MLB start. I would imagine he'll take the long man role in the bullpen. He gets uniform number 58. I'm guessing he won't be around long.
  • Neil Wagner: a RHP, the Bisons' closer. 0.89 ERA in 19 games. 10 hits, 8 walks, 32 k. He's the one I'm most interested in seeing. He will wear number 45. The Jays are going to have to go to three digit numbers soon. Here is a profile on Wagner. The Bisons' official twitter tells us he's topped out at 101 mph this season.

To make room on the 40-man roster, Clint Robinson has been DFAed. I figured Evan Crawford would be the first to go. And, as posted yesterday, Ramon Ortiz was DFAed and Thad Weber in back in Buffalo.

I'd really would have liked to see Andy LaRoche or Jim Negrych called up to fill in for Lawrie. Maybe after a couple of days, they will do that. Right now the bullpen has been worked hard, and if Casey Janssen isn't able to pitch, we are short rested arms out there.

It continues to be an interesting season for the Blue Jays. Not a good season, but interesting. I'd rather good and boring personally. These 3 have a shot to be pitchers 25 to 27 used by the Blue Jays this year and it is still May.