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Dirk Hayhurst on Baseball Central: Cheating, Ricky Romero and more

While you are there Gibby, can you ask the ump about the shiny stuff on the pitchers arms?
While you are there Gibby, can you ask the ump about the shiny stuff on the pitchers arms?

I'm enjoying Baseball Central, Dirk seems to be getting more and more comfortable in his role there. He does say things designed to get notice, he tries to be controversial, but he's gotta get ratings, The show has to do better than the poker show that Sportsnet would put in it's place.

Dirk, and Jeff Blair, started by talking about the reaction of the Boston media after Dirk pointed out the substance on Clay Buchholz. Yes, it is idiotic for Dennis Eckersley or anyone to say that Dirk isn't allowed to talk about this stuff because he wasn't a great pitcher. Dirk, I'm sure, knows as much about pitchers cheating as anyone. I'm sure, having been on the edge of a major league career, he was tempted (or maybe more than tempted) to try anything. Eck's idea that no one with less major league success than he has shouldn't be allowed to talk about baseball is just not worth talking about.

Clearly, there was something on Buchholz arm and Junichi Tazawa arm. Yeah, I have no doubt it was cheating. Anything on the arm like that, then put on the fingers, that's the definition of cheating. I saw Boston folks saying it was just sweat. It wasn't. Some said it was sunscreen. It was indoors, at night. So it might have been sunscreen, but if it was it was for getting an advantage.

Dirk and Jeff asked John Gibbons about it and he said that it wasn't noticed on the field at the time, but, seeing it afterwards, that it was definitely something suspicious. I have to imagine that, in the future, teams will be watching for this.

Dirk and Blair also talked about Ricky Romero. They aren't thrilled with him coming up tonight and said 'it is a slap in the face to the starters in Buffalo'. That part is silly, no one is promised a call up. If you think someone else being called up is a slap in the face, then you should get out of the game. It is going to happen.

They also said that calling Ricky up could mess with with Ricky's mind and/or his delivery changes. I guess it could, but Ricky's gotta come up at come point. He's had more than a month to work on the new delivery. The Jays have people watching Ricky and they figure that he's ready. I haven't seen him, so I can't argue the point. We'll find out tonight.

John Gibbons also told them, after Blair mentioned that Melky Cabrera looked really slow, that Melky's legs are banged up. Ok, I'll buy that, but then Melky shouldn't be trying to steal. And maybe he should get a couple of days off.

They also touched on the rather stupid comments from the Indians' broadcast team. Personally, I've heard enough ignorant things from Americans over the years that it doesn't phase me anymore (sorry to all the great Americans out there, the great folks out number the lousy by 10 to 1, it's just the ignorant are louder) (and yeah there are stupid Canadians too). Personally, consider the source. The Drunks looked at this yesterday.