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What would you rather? How to put together the Blue Jays lineup with NL rules.

This is the only way I want to see Edwin at third base.
This is the only way I want to see Edwin at third base.

The Blue Jay batting order isn't exactly set up for National League rules and with Jose Reyes and Brett Lawrie on the DL, it looks that much worse. With two of our best hitters sharing the 1B/DH spot, manager John Gibbons has been discussing lineup options that give me intestinal cramps.

Gibby has suggested that Edwin Encarnacion could see time at third base. 'Please no' is my reaction. Maybe Gibby doesn't remember how bad Edwin looked there, back when he practiced at the position, but I do. At first base, he is passable, pretty ok really. At third, he was a train wreck. I can't imagine what he'd be like now, but then Adam Lind could play first.

The other idea is to put Lind in LF, move Jose Bautista to third base and Melky Cabrera to right field. Apparently hoping that Colby Rasmus can cover the entire outfield by himself. Can you imagine Lind and Cabrera both in the outfield? Opposing batters could have a .700 BABIP. Add in that the last time we moved Bautista to third base, he ended up with back problems and missed a few games. Now that Jose is hot, do we really want to take that chanced that happens again?

The third option, and the one we'll likely see the most, is to have Mark 'One Step and a Dive' DeRosa third and Lind on the bench. Against left-handed pitchers, this is the choice. But then, I'm not looking forward to a lineup with Blanco, DeRose, Bonifacio, Izturis and a pitcher making up the 4-9 spots, which is what we are likely to see tonight. Oh the fun that will be? But then, I didn't think Esmil Rogers, Juan Perez and Neil Wagner could throw 8 shutout innings. We could be surprised again. Yeah, not likely.

So those are your choices. If you are Gibbons, which one would you choose? I can't see a choice there that wouldn't have me thinking fondly of retirement, if I were he. It looks to me that he has a bunch of boxes and which ever one he opens, a tiger will leap out and chew off his ass. If he moves a player into a new position and that player gets injured, who will get the blame? Remember Edwin playing in left field last year? Now there is an option I didn't consider. Edwin can't be worse than Adam in the outfield, can he?

Anyway give us your vote.

Update: Here is tonight's lineup (ick):