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Blue Jays 3 Braves 11: Rough night for R.A. Dickey

Kevin C. Cox

Blue Jays 3 Braves 11

I think it is time for Dickey to convene a meet of the Knuckleball Jedi Council, because his is definitely not working. I don't know what to say about it. Not much was hit hard, he gave up 11 hits, in 6 innings, but only the home run and a maybe a couple of others were really hit hard. It was just a night that everything seemed to find a hole. He only walked 1, But then he only struck out 2, and he really needs to strikeout a bunch. It just seemed like everything was hittable tonight.

Dickey did look ok with the bat. He lead off the 6th inning beating out an infield single. That and a Andrelton Simmons error allowed the Jay to put up 3 runs. Edwin Encarnacion singled home 1 and Mark DeRosa doubled down the right field line to score 2 and tie the game. That was all the scoring we'd do, Mike Minor held us to 6 hits and no walks in 7 innings. We didn't have any more luck against relievers Jordan Walden and Alex Wood, managing just 1 hit in the 2 innings they pitched.

That was the high point of the game, Dickey gave the Braves back their 3 run lead in the bottom of the inning.

It went downhill from there. Brad Lincoln gave up 3 runs in his inning, helped by a J.P. Arencibia passed ball, though he appeared to be crossed up by the pitch Lincoln threw. JP was expecting a fastball and he got a curve. I don't know which one was to blame. JP was also charged with catchers interference that inning.

Todd Redmond gave up 2 more runs in the 8th on a Reed Johnson home run. I'd image Redmond will be DFAed by the time I finish typing this out.

Not only was the pitching bad, our defense was sloppy tonight. Edwin had 2 misplays that could have easily been called errors but weren't. DeRosa and Maicer Izturis reminded us how terrible they look on the left side of the infield. On the plus side, Emilio Bonifacio made a nice play catching a line drive and making a very quick throw to first to double off Simmons at first. Jose Bautista made a very nice catch at the wall in the first. and ummm that was about it.

Jays of the Day? Well, both DeRosa (.129 WPA) and Encarnacion (.117) had the number, but both looked bad on defense so I'm not giving one out today.

Suckage goes to Dickey for his -.475 WPA. Honorary suckage should go to Lincoln and Redmond, though the game was out of hand when they came into it, so they have don't have the WPA.

That was just a terrible game. I'm tired of talking about terrible games. It has happened way too much this year. Dickey is going to have to figure things out and quickly.

We had 1,127 comments from 39 commenters in our thread. shortofbrillant led the way again, putting out the effort even in a losing cause. You have to admire his gritty performance.

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