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You Can Never Have too Many Friends or Socks: Blue Jays @ Rays - May 8, 2013

GameThread - Blue Jays @ Rays - May 8, 2013


So glad that Happ looks like he'll be okay. Scary thing being hit by a ball like that. I was driving to slowpitch and had turned on XM to listen to the game but came in after the accident and was so worried when all that was being said was "the stadium is deadly silent...all the medical personnel are out on the field...we don't see any movement...", yeah, was a tense few minutes before I could find out what exactly had happened. I really hope nothing long term develops for him because of it. Wishing him all the best.

Today's pitchers are Toronto's Ricky Romero going up against Tampa Bay's Matt Moore.


Brett Lawrie, 3B Desmond Jennings. CF
Melky Cabrera, DH Kelly Johnson, LF
Jose Bautista, RF Ben Zobrist, 2B
Edwin Encarnacion, 1B Evan Longoria, 3B
J.P. Arencibia, C James Loney, 1B
Rajai Davis, LF Yunel Escobar, SS
Mark DeRosa, 2B Luke Scott, DH
Maicer Izturis, SS Jose Lobaton, C
Emilio Bonifacio, CF Sam Fuld, RF

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