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Video of Anthony Gose stealing home

Screen shot from ESPN Sports Center, care of Ben Wagner
Screen shot from ESPN Sports Center, care of Ben Wagner

Now there is something you don't see every day. A straight steal of home. As Ben Wagner says "it wasn't even close". A great call by Ben and great camera work. This is Ben's second call of a steal of home in a year, Corey Wimberly did it for the Bisons on May 20, 2012 vs. Indianapolis. I'm jealous, I've never seen a steal of home live.

Here is Anthony talking about the play after the game.

I like him saying he took a look at manager Marty Brown to get the ok before going. Gose also mentions that there is a little extra pressure with Jim Negrych "the best hitter in baseball" up.

I talked to Ben Wagner this morning and he said what an exciting moment it was. Ben said he noticed that Arrieta had a slow delivery and he was watching Gose at third when the play started, so he saw it all the way. He knew Gose was going to be safe. Ben said, at the end of the play, Ben realized that he was standing up, the play brought him right out of his seat. Glad to know he is a fan too.

The play was ESPN's number 3 Play of the Day, complete with Ben's call. Considering this is playoff time for the NHL and NBA, that's pretty good honor.