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Clay Buchholz had spray-on sunscreen and rosin on his arm in game against Blue Jays: Passan

Clay Buchholz's arm
Clay Buchholz's arm

Well, well, well. Apparently Clay Buchholz had a foreign substance on his arm during his start against the Blue Jays last Wednesday, at least according to "one source close to the Red Sox" who spoke with Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan. Passan's piece is not enough to convince anyone, but it is just another piece of evidence against the Red Sox pitcher. If you recall, it was Toronto broadcasters Jack Morris and Dirk Hayhurst who first brought up the allegations.

Of course, the whole thing blew up into a bit of a media war between those in the Toronto and Boston beats. For some reason, some members of the Boston media declined to even investigate into the issue. First, Dennis Eckersley ripped into Morris by telling him to "zip it" because Morris has not been enshrined in Cooperstown, Michael Silverman just resorted to mockery and name-calling, and Pete Abraham just pretended that he didn't see anything. Perhaps, instead of blindly defending their hometown players, those journalists could have prodded a little more into the situation, especially with this thin excuse from Buchholz:

"Loading up with what, rosin?" Buchholz said. "I get wet from my hair. Are they talking about the stains on my shirt? There probably are stains on my shirt, because I've been wearing the same shirt for the last three years.

When I read that I just kept on thinking of how poor the Red Sox must be to not be able to afford the 75-cents to use the washing machine.

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