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Ricky Romero and J.A. Happ did something that has only happened three times in Blue Jays history

J. Meric

Over the past two games at Tropicana Field, both Blue Jays starters have had very short starts: J.A. Happ was forced to leave the game on Tuesday after pitching 1.1 innings because he was injured by a line drive to his head, and Ricky Romero was forced to leave Wednesday's game with just 0.1 innings pitched because he was ineffective. Together, they became the third pair of Blue Jays starters who have pitched 1.1 innings or fewer in consecutive team games.

The two other times it has happened in franchise history:

  • August 4-5, 1979 (vs. White Sox): Jim Clancy threw 1.1 innings on the 4th and Dave Lemanczyk threw 0.1 innings on the 5th.
  • June 26-27, 1980 (vs. Orioles and Tigers): Jim Clancy threw 0.1 innings on the 26th and Jesse Jefferson threw 0.1 innings on the 27th.

Once in franchise history, between September 25 and 28, 1977, the Blue Jays had three games in which their starter failed to go 1.2 innings, but they were not consecutive due to doubleheaders on the 25th and 27th. In game 1 on the 25th, Jerry Garvin threw 1.1 innings, in game 1 on the 27th Jeff Byrd threw 0.2, and on the 28th Jesse Jefferson threw 1.1.

The longest period in franchise history without a starter going fewer than 1.2 innings started on May 19, 2008 with Dustin McGowan pitching 6.1 innings and ended on May 21, 2010 when Brandon Morrow threw 4 innings. The record period was bookended with a 1-inning outing from Shaun Marcum and a 1.1-inning performance by Dana Eveland.