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Blue Jays 3 Padres 4: Progress, it took 17 innings for the Jays to lose this one


Blue Jays 3 Padres 4 (17 innings)

I hope you aren't expecting a real recap...I'm tired.

A few notes:

  • That throw by J.P. Arencibia was the worst play (so far) of a terrible season. It was stupid. No way in the world he should have thrown that. That let the Padres tie the game.
  • We should have gone ahead again in the 6th inning. Colby Rasmus and Emilio Bonifacio each singled, Munenori Kawasaki put down a sac bunt. The Padres decided to pitch around pinch hitter Maicer Izturis to pitch to Melky Cabrera with the bases loaded. A dumb move. Melky took two pitches low, for balls, then swung at one about head level, hitting into a 3-2-3 double play. Just a terrible bit of hitting.
  • We got our runs early, homers from Colby Rasmus (2 run shot in the 2nd) and Edwin Encarnacion (solo in the 4th) gave us a 3-0 lead.
  • Edwin made a nice play at third on a bunt single attempt to lead off the first. He made some good plays. He was charged with one error, he went a long way to pick up a roller, threw across his body and bounced it to first. I still think Lind should have caught it. Edwin started a nice double play in the 3rd.
  • JP took his 4th walk of the season, but went 0 for 5 with 2 k other than that. He was terrible.
  • Batters having a good day: Colby (4 for 7), Adam (3 for 7), Edwin (2 for 6 and a walk).
  • Batter have a bad day: Melky (1 for 8), Jose (0 for 7, 2 k), Munenori (0 for 5, walk, 2 k, sac)
  • Chad Jenkins was lucky early, some hard hit balls found gloves. Colby pulled one back that was over the wall. Then he was unlucky later, the bad throw by JP, which was preceded by a bad throw from Emilio.
  • The bullpen pitched 11 scoreless innings, before Todd Redmond gave up the winning run in his 4th inning of work. He had a bad break, with one out in the 17th, Jedd Gyorko hit a ground ball that Edwin would have had a play on, but it hit the bag and bounced away from him. The sad part is that he will likely be DFAed before I get up tomorrow morning. There will be pitchers sent down and called up tomorrow.
  • Other than starters, only Brad Lincoln (likely unavailable) and Henry Blanco didn't get in the game.
  • Suckage: Bautista (-.320 WPA), Cabrera (-.287), JP (-.290, not counting the idiot throw).
  • Jays of the Two Days: Our bullpen, I'm just going to list them: Perez, Delabar, Wagner, Cecil, Janssen, Loup and Redmond.
  • The GameThread and Overflow had 1,837 comments from 49 tired people. MjwW led the way, toughing it out from the beginning to the bitter bitter end.
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Good night all.