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What to expect from Chien-Ming Wang?

Koji Watanabe

The Jays made it official, Chien-Ming Wang signed and will start tonight. Henry Blanco has been released. I think it is likely time he look for a coaching job, if that's what he wants. Andy LaRoche might be following him our to the system.

I don't know what to expect from Wang tonight, he has good numbers in Scranton, 2.33 ERA in 9 starts, 58 innings, 57 hits, 10 walks, 25 strikeouts. Slightly more than 6 innings a start. I always worry about guys that strikeout less than 4.5 batters per 9 innings and I have very little faith in our infield defense's ability to turn enough ground balls into outs to make a ground ball pitcher successful.

Brian Cashman said this:

Why isn't Chien-Ming Wang a candidate for promotion?

"I think he's done well. He's not the power sinker he used to be, but we believe he needs to mix in more of his breaking balls to have the type of success necessary to pitch up here consistently. We've talked to Wanger about that. He's becoming a different type of pitcher now because he can't come up here and just sink that sinker every pitch. He needs to incorporate some of his pitches in there and mix and match because he's that reduced in velocity. His lines have been very nice and good, but he's working on all his weapons because what he's doing down there wouldn't represent necessarily what we think he could do up here right now."

My question is, was he saying this because he believed it was true or because he wanted to scare off other GM's. His Triple-A numbers look really good. How much better can Scranton's infield defense be? Maybe it is best we don't answer that.

So what do you think? Let's have a little contest. Give us your best guess on how many innings, hits and earned runs are creditted to Chien-Ming Wang tonight.

I'm going to be fairly optimistic, 6 innings, 7 hits, 3 earned. I'm not going to try to guess how many unearned runs score against him.