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Thursday BBB Links: Fortuitous Rainout Edition

Although it would have been nice to see some baseball last night the Esmil Rogers-Chris Sale matchup really didn't look too promising. Today's links include the Arencibia debate, the best dynamic duos in the sport and the truth on coffee's ability to sober you up.

Brett Cecil is the sort of player who might have played if there was a game last night.
Brett Cecil is the sort of player who might have played if there was a game last night.



Wilner: Arencibia under harsh spotlight -
"J.P. Arencibia had another rough game at the plate on Tuesday and has become the focus of Blue Jays fans' distaste, but the team could do a lot worse for a bottom-of-the-lineup catcher."

Defending Arencibia Just Won’t Fly | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
Stoeten's with a characteristically angry but sane rebuttal to Wilner's piece.

Davidi: Blue Jays divided on Stanley Cup picks -

"The Toronto Blue Jays may not agree on which NHL team will win the Stanley Cup, but every played polled expects the Bruins-Blackhawks series to go at least six games." I'm with Josh Johnson on this one.

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - Extended Spring Training Stats

Some interesting but far from totally predictive stats for the youngest Jays.

Adam Lind — 90% is Just Enough | FanGraphs Baseball

Nice to see Lind getting some love for his unreal season, while it lasts.

The Munenori Kawasaki Mirage | Canadian Baseball Network

It seems like the fun police want to rag on Munenori Kawasaki. Booooo


The Near Future of Wil Myers | FanGraphs Baseball

Myers's arrival is getting closer and closer and I don't think Jays fans are going to like it.

A Completely Made-Up Story About a Random Baltimore Orioles Late-Round Draft Pick - Camden Chat

"This is a completely made-up background story about Orioles 31st-round draft pick Dustin Hagy." There just isn't enough fictional sports coverage like this.

David Price Speeding Way Back to Major Leagues - DRaysBay

Good for my fantasy team, very bad for the Blue Jays.

Buster Olney: Red Sox think Jon Lester is "fouled up mechanically" - Over the Monster

"According to Buster Olney, the Red Sox think Jon Lester is having mechanical issues." Hopefully.

MLB Trade Deadline: Examining the Yankees' potential trade market - Pinstriped Bible

"The Yankees could look to the trade market to upgrade the team, but which teams have the players that they could use?"


Cabrera and Fielder are best offensive duo, but these five are more well-rounded | The Strike Zone -

It's pretty nuts that the Brewers league-best 1-2 punch doesn't even include Ryan Braun.

Report: Florida judge declines to toss Biogenesis suit -

"Perhaps a novel legal strategy has merit, but does this mean that Alex Rodriguez can go ride his centaur?"

An Inning with Gerrit Cole’s Command | FanGraphs Baseball

A snapshot into Cole's impressive debut in terms of his command.

Are the Mariners rushing Mike Zunino? - Baseball Nation

"Drafted just last June, the Mariners' Mike Zunino has already been promoted to the majors. But is management just trying to save their jobs?" Yes...?

Troy Tulowitzki and Everything In-Between | FanGraphs Baseball

Jeff Sullivan takes on the story the whole baseball world has been talking about: Troy Tulowitzki's pace at the plate.


BBC - Future - Health - Does coffee really sober you up when drunk?

"It’s an appealing idea that caffeine can cancel out the effects of too much alcohol. Sadly, studies reveal it is not that straightforward."