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Some Alleged Laughs and Some Tears Saturday June 15, 2013 Links

Last night's game was a breeze. Lots of quick outs, lots of Ks and lots of strike calls that irritated the opposition. If I wasn't looking too carefully I would have imagined that this was a Roy Halladay start. I have to admit that not hitting, not hitting with runners in scoring position, starting pitching problems and getting beat by "lessor" teams looks a lot better when it is not the Jays.

The only Rangers fireworks besides Elvis last night
The only Rangers fireworks besides Elvis last night


Blue Jays blank Rangers | Toronto Star
The Star's recap: Mark Buehrle throws seven shutout innings in Blue Jays’ 8-0 road win over Texas Rangers.

Grimm roughed up by Jays, Rangers’ bats frozen in 8-0 loss | Texas Rangers | Texas Range...
Unhappy recap from the other side: The Texas lineup manages only five singles in a season-high fourth straight loss.


Bowd-insanity: Buehrle For Ethier? | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
DJF looks at the stupidity of trading for Andre Ethier for Burly.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Flashback Friday: John McDonald's Father's Day Home Run
Excuse me, I have allergies. Sniff.

The Bloom Is Off Brett Lawrie’s Rose | FanGraphs Baseball
FG looks at Brett while Seal plays in the background.


Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde’s struggles a sore point for fans | Toronto Star
“Who the (expletive) should I close with? Who do you want me to close with? Who the (expletive) do you want to be the closer? ... I don’t know what the (expletive) these people want. They just throw stuff out there. People just talk, they don’t think about it.

Diamondbacks-Dodgers brawl nets eight suspensions | Toronto Star
Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy sits 10 games, Diamondbacks infielder Eric Hinske for five, while managers Don Mattingly and Kirk Gibson get one-game bans.

High Five Injures Jeff Baker, Who Is Out Tonight - Lone Star Ball
Note to the Rangers, a fist bump is less painful.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Pitches | FanGraphs Baseball

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Swings | FanGraphs Baseball
Jeff rolls his eyes at Buck Martinez as he describes the inanity spouted about Yu during Colby's appearance in his latest Wildest Swings.

Not a Chuck Close Painting of Tim Lincecum | NotGraphs Baseball
Who would have thunk that there is an uglier painting than Jose Bautista holding the WS Trophy and a puppy? Yet there is.

C.B. Bucknor Wins | NotGraphs Baseball
Better a CB than an Angel, Angel Hernandez that is.


NBA final: Chris Bosh fined for Game 4 flop | Toronto StarLLa
Miami Heat star dinged $5,000 for incident vs. San Antonio Spurs on Thursday.


Baseball History - June 15th - National Pastime - Baseball History
2003 Blue Jay rookie Reed Johnson becomes the fourth major leaguer to end a game with a walk off homer after having hit a round-tripper to start the contest for his team. The 26-year old right-fielder drilled Shawn Estes' 3-2 pitch over the left-centerfield fence leading off in the bottom of the first frame, and then ended the 4-4 stalemate with a tenth-inning solo shot off Cubs' reliever Mark Guthrie.