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Tuesday BBB Links: Johnson Domination Edition

Today's links include more appreciation for Chien-Ming Wang, the latest on Roy Oswalt, and some pictures of rare mutant grasshoppers.

It just doesn't look like Encarnacion is committing to these props.
It just doesn't look like Encarnacion is committing to these props.

This team is really rolling now. Six games is getting into not nothing territory. Josh Johnson pitched like it was 2010.


Johnson shines as Jays win sixth straight -
"Josh Johnson was dominant Monday night against the Rockies and despite not being the winning pitcher, the Blue Jays were victorious and extended their streak to six games."

The Tao of Stieb: Blue Monday - Scattered thoughts to kick off your week
Nothing like some scattered thoughts.That sound sarcastic but it totally isn't.

The Idea Of Trading Casey Janssen Is Not Offensive | Drunk Jays Fans | Blogs |
I'd have to say I see Stoeten's point here. If you could get a big return for Janssen you'd have to consider it. With his wonky shoulder and downward trending velocity I can't see his value getting much higher.

Ferguson: Wang providing boost to Blue Jays pitching staff
Ferguson with a piece comparing Chien-Ming Wang to Doyle Alexander.

Blue Jays Week In Review: Winning Streaks & Playoff Chances - Jays Journal - A Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
"We're going streaking! On the backs of the pitching staff and Adam Lind the Blue Jays are looking like the team that we have long expected."

Vancouver Canadians success a home run for Blue Jays and baseball in Canada | The Eh Game - Yahoo! Sports Canada
"As R.A. Dickey, Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion and the Toronto Blue Jays find their groove, the question in Vancouver is whether or not the next wave of Blue Jays stars are taking the field for their hometown Vancouver Canadians"


The Missing Two Percent | FanGraphs Baseball
Analyzing the rare Joe Maddon error.

The POWER OF GORDON-LEVITT - Baseball Nation
"As if the transformation from skinny TV nerd to swashbuckling action hero weren't enough, now Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing ball for Our Planet's Baseball Team? Yup"

Rays call up highly touted outfielder Myers -
"The Rays called up outfielder Wil Myers on sunday, rated by Baseball America before the season as its No. 1 overall prospect, best power hitter and best hitter for average."

Red Sox' Jose Iglesias has majors' longest hit streak - Over the Monster
"The shortstop's weird 2013 season gets even weirder, as he's now tops on a big-league leaderboard."

Orioles GIFs of the Week - Camden Chat
"It's that time again sports fans!"


The Padres, as No Team Has Been Before | FanGraphs Baseball
Peculiar stuff.

The newly confusing Roy Oswalt - Baseball Nation
"Roy Oswalt is going to pitch in Coors Field soon, and no one has any idea what to expect."

A scout's take on game's big mystery: how to get Yasiel Puig out - MLB - Ben Reiter -

It's not looking easy.

Integrating Baseball Knowledge - Minor League Ball

"Trying to find a way out of the statheads vs. traditionalists argument."

Top prospect Wheeler ready to make big league debut for Mets | The Strike Zone -

If Zach Wheeler is as good as advertised he may but the nail in the coffin for pure trade deadline rentals.


The Pink Grasshopper – No, It’s Not a Cocktail – News Watch

Gotta love abnormally colored animals, am I right?