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Blue Jays Win Their 8th Straight Game: Blue Jays 5 Rockies 2

Adam Lind hits a 3-run homer and the bullpen gives us 4 innings of 1 hit ball, to lead the Jays to their 8th straight win.

Tom Szczerbowski

Rockies 2 Blue Jays 5

Eight straight wins!

Two consecutive series sweeps!

The Jays are now just 1 game under .500.

Mark Buehrle wasn't good. He fought his way through 5 innings, allowing 8 hits, including just his second home run in his last 8 starts, 1 walk, with 4 strikeouts. He was helped out by some nice defense. Emilio Bonifacio, in particular, made 2 very nice catches on soft hit line drives.

Jack Morris will tell you that it's the win that matters, and Mark got the win.

The bullpen, on the other hand, was just amazing. 4 innings of 1 hit ball. Neil Wagner pitched a clean inning with 2 strikeouts. Brett Cecil did the same, on just 9 pitches. The 3 outs got him the team record of 38 straight batters faced without allowing a hit. Steve Delabar gave up a walk to go with his 3 strikeouts. And Casey Janssen allowed a Carlos Gonzalez double, just to keep us watching to the end of his 16th save.

On offense, all we really needed was Adam Lind's 3-run homer in the first inning. That was a pretty, the bat didn't come off Adam's shoulder through a called strike and two balls, then he got the pitch he was waiting for, and Adam hit it out. We added another run in the 4th, when Emilio just beat out the throw to first on a double play, allowing Colby Rasmus to score from 3rd. Colby did a great job, just before Emilio's at bat, going first to third on an error by Josh Rutledge. Then in the 7th, Munenori Kawasaki tripled and scored on Melky Cabrera's single.

We had 7 hits. Everyone in the starting lineup had a hit except for Maicer Izturis (0 for 4, k) and J.P. Arencibia (0 for 3), but JP took his 7th walk of the season.

Jay of the Day: Lind (.170 WPA) gets it. Buehrle had the number too (.107) but I can't give him a JoD for that effort. Honorable mention to each of the relievers and to Emilio Bonifacio and Colby Rasmus for some great baserunning.

No one gets a Suckage award. The low mark was JP at -.049. I thought he did a nice job behind the plate, if you ignore the passed ball in the first inning.

Tomorrow is an off day and then we host the Baltimore Orioles for a 3 day weekend series. It would be great to keep the win streak going against them.

We had a really fun GameThread tonight (GameThreads are always better when we win). 66 of us totaled 1410 comments. Maj. Major Major Major led the way, inspiring us to greatness.

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