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Blue Jays on the All-Star Ballot

Lets get voting.
Lets get voting.
Brad White

First things first, we are not doing a good enough job for the Kawasaki Super PAC. Some guy that doesn't enough play baseball is fifth in the voting, at shortstop, while Munenori Kawasaki doesn't appear in the top 5.

We have to get working. Former baseball players shouldn't be getting more votes that our own Japaneeeese hero.

J.J. Hardy, Orioles 2,548,682
Jhonny Peralta, Tigers 1,838,500
Elvis Andrus, Rangers 1,616,834
Jed Lowrie, Athletics 1,207,486
Derek Jeter, Yankees 819,175

Speaking of players not making the top five in the voting, take a look at this:

Chris Davis, Orioles 3,960,299
Prince Fielder, Tigers 2,579,031
Mike Napoli, Red Sox 902,562
Albert Pujols, Angels 872,602
Mitch Moreland, Rangers 750,674

Do you notice the missing name? Yep, no Adam Lind. So when you vote Kawasaki, why not vote Lind too.

And, here is someone else that could use a few more votes:

David Ortiz, Red Sox 3,247,462
Lance Berkman, Rangers 1,519,503
Edwin Encarnacion, Blue Jays 1,091,593
Victor Martinez, Tigers 959,646
Mark Trumbo, Angels 919,036

Edwin should be leading this list.

We have one more guy that we need to get a few more votes. Jose Bautista is fourth on the outfielder list, roughly 50,000 votes out of the top three and the free pass to the starting lineup of the All-Star game.

Adam Jones, Orioles 3,571,693
Mike Trout, Angels 3,548,195
Nick Markakis, Orioles 1,915,860
Jose Bautista, Blue Jays 1,867,367
Torii Hunter, Tigers 1,851,657
Nate McLouth, Orioles 1,660,080
Nelson Cruz, Rangers 1,595,371
Jacoby Ellsbury, Red Sox 1,289,195
Alex Gordon, Royals 1,239,771
Yoenis Cespedes, Athletics 1,183,926
Coco Crisp, Athletics 1,115,204
Austin Jackson, Tigers 983,469
Josh Hamilton, Angels 897,181
Shane Victorino, Red Sox 823,363
Ichiro Suzuki, Yankees 759,154

So, my friends, we have work to do. Let's get on it.