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He Who Hesitates is Not Only Lost But Miles From the Next Exit: Orioles @ Blue Jays - June 23, 2013

GameThread - Orioles @ Blue Jays - June 23, 2013


I see I missed a great game yesterday! Our team won 2 out of our 3 games...and back at it today so I miss more Blue Jays. It's fun though because there's a player on my team who's a huge Blue Jay fan as well, so we tend to discuss the great plays or wins (which lately are a lot!) while everyone else just shakes their heads at us.

Today's pitchers are Toronto's Josh Johnson going up against Baltimore's, well, who knows! They didn't release who was going to start before I had to leave for my games today so I can't tell you who is pitching.

Game Thread Rule Stuff - No arguing with Mods; No GIFS or images until after the game (Thank you Frag for getting me in trouble!!!); No linking to illegal streams; Don't be terrible; Full site rules can be found here; AND no pissing off Tom!