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Win Streak Ends at 11: Rays Beat Jays

George Harrison told us 'All things must pass'.

Esmil pitching, or throwing to Lind at first.
Esmil pitching, or throwing to Lind at first.

Blue Jays 1 Rays 4

Can't expect to win when you only get 4 singles. The offense took the night off against Jeremy Hellickson. We couldn't do anything against him. He pitched 7 innings of 1 hit, 4 walk ball with 4 strikeouts against our Jays,

We did make an effort in the 8th, loading the bases against Alex Torres, with just 1 out. But Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion could only plate one.

Esmil Rogers gave up back-to-back-to-back home runs in the 2nd inning. James Loney, Wil Myers and Sam Fuld took Esmil deep. Beyond that, he allowed just 1 more run. In total, 6 innings he allowed 7 hits, 4 earned, 3 walks and 2 strikeouts. If our bats had been working the way they had for the last 11 games, it would have been good enough. Rogers took out his frustrations on a throw to first, on a grounder back to him. I bet he hit 95 on that throw to Lind.

It was just a blah game. Not much for excitement, though if Edwin or Jose had come through in the 8, it would be a different story.

Edwin did do something I don't remember seeing before, he tossed 2 bats into the stands on one at bats. The first one hit a rather cute Jays fan. I hope she's alright.



No JoD. Rasmus had the high number at .051, just ahead of JP (.049) who had 2 of our 4 singles (and a sad looking strikeout).

Suckage goes to Rogers (-.251) and Maicer Izturis (-.162, 0 for 4 with a k), but really almost any of the bats could get the award.

Tomorrow Mark Buehrle (4-4, 4.60) goes against Matt Moore (9-3, 4.13). I hope the bats arrive from Toronto in time for the game.

After the game, the Jays announce that Jose Reyes has been 'demoted' to New Hampshire (just because it is closer to Boston, where he will join with the Jays Thursday.

We had another good GameThread (though I didn't notice until now that Carm used the wrong 'you're' in the title, dock her pay I will - Yoda). 69 of us posted 1,229 comments, pretty good considering how lifeless the game was. Pikachu led the way with a gritty performance.

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1 Pikachu 139
2 Kraemer_17 82
3 MapleMan 71
4 rob.magnificent 64
5 West Brom Jay Fan 61
6 Bowling_Guy25 57
7 expos&nordiques4ever 53
8 HabsFanInCalgary! 51
9 Super Bass Hallways 48
10 MartsB 46
11 ABsteve 44
12 Tom Dakers 43
13 MjwW 38
14 fatpuppy 35
15 Sniderlover 26
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