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Complete Game Shutout for R.A. Dickey. Blue Jays Beat Rays

This is the R.A. Dickey that we've been wanting to see.

We need more of this. Kind of an awkward post though.
We need more of this. Kind of an awkward post though.

Blue Jays 3 Rays 0

That was a nice start to another win streak.

R.A. Dickey was the great pitcher that we hoped to see when we traded for him. Complete game shutout, 2 hitter, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts. The Rays got their first hit with 1 out in the 5th. It would be nice if this it the Dickey we see for the rest of the season. Here he is striking out Evan Longoria:



It is our first complete game and first complete game shutout since June 6th last year, when Brandon Morrow shutout the White Sox.

On offense, we didn't do much. We only managed 6 hits, but two of them were home runs, solo shots from Adam Lind and Edwin Encarnacion. Melky Cabrera singled home Jose Bautista for out other run.

It was nice to see Jose Reyes back. He didn't have a good day at the plate, 0 for 4, with 3 soft ground outs, and one decently hit fly ball. His defense looked great. He made a really nice play, deep in the hole at short, in the first inning. Kawasaki wouldn't have had the arm for that play.

I'm likely Rajai Davis in left field, he made two catches that I don't think Melky would have got to . And Edwin Encarnacion looked good at third. I still would have put in a defensive sub in the 9th but he did well.

Jays of the Day are Dickey (.505 WPA) and Cabrera (.149).

Reyes has the number for he Suckage award, -.098, but I can't do that to him on his first game back.

We had a nice GameThread for an afternoon game. 55 of us were lucky enough not to have to work. We totaled 857 comments. Maj. Major Major Major led the way, great job sir.

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