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Are the Blue Jays looking to trade for a starting pitcher?


Scott Ferguson, on, talks Blue Jay trade speculation, suggesting the Jays are looking to trade for a starting pitcher, since Brandon Morrow won't be back for a bit and Chien-Ming Want is a 'stop gap'. Go read it and come back and discuss.

I'm ready to give up on Chien-Ming but last night was an example of why I hate pitching around guys in the first few innings. Buck and Pat talked about how great Ortiz hit about him and Wang sure didn't seem to want to pitch to him. Which was too bad, Wang had a great first inning, then lost the aggressiveness and it all went bad. If he hadn't pitched around Ortiz, what was the worst that could happen? A solo homer. But he pitched around Ortiz, lost the strike zone and it all went downhill.

Anyway, Scott suggests the Jays might be interested in Edinson Volquez, Ricky Noasco, Matt Garza or Yovani Gallardo (but since he has the Jays on his 'no trade' list, he's a long shot). I have doubts, I can't see us giving up more prospects, but never I guess.

The trouble is that, if Morrow or Happ aren't able to pitch for us for a bit, we really don't have anyone ready to take Wang's spot, if we decide he's gotta go. The choices are:

  • Chad Jenkins left last night's Bison's game with a "tweaked lat muscle" or something, not that he's been great, he has a 7.48 ERA in Buffalo, in 5 starts there, since being sent back down.
  • Ricky Romero? I don't think that will happen anytime soon.
  • Thad Weber has made 3 good starts in Buffalo, 20 innings, 2 earned, 11 hits, 3 walks and 18 strikeouts. I'd guess he'd be the next one to get a shot.
  • Sean Nolin is looking pretty good in New Hampshire, but I can't see him coming up again
  • Marcus Walden has a 3.23 ERA in NH. He doesn't strikeout many, 42 in 92 innings.
  • Then, of course, there are the rest of the starters in Buffalo: Justin Germano, Claudio Vargas and Dave Bush, but none of them are pitching particularly well.

So do you think there is a trade coming?