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Are You Not Entertained? Saturday June 29, Links

Two losses in Boston and suddenly the 11 game winning streak feels like a faint memory. Ah baseball you emotional roller coaster. It's been good entertainment right? Right? Nah. I'd rather the Jays win, too.



Blue Jays lose again at Fenway Park | Toronto Star
The Star's Recap: Red Sox knock out Josh Johnson early, overworked Jays bullpen cracks in seventh.


The Blue Jay Hunter: Flashback Friday: "The Audience"
Ian looks at the art at the 'Dome.

The Blue Jay Hunter: A Season of Ups and Downs for R.A. Dickey
Ian looks at the Knuckleball like season of Robert Allan.


The all-Canada team
It's nearly Canada Day! Richard celebrates by picking the country's all-time best

A different way of measuring clutch
The classic Clutch score uses leverage index, but what happens when we use run expectancy instead?

Mike Cervenak is not a prospect - Grantland
Mike Cervenak has played 15 seasons in the minors. What's one more?

Bryce Harper and Yasiel Puig vs. the Dodger Stadium right-field wall | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Big League Stew: Yasiel Puig went thumping into the right-field wall at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night trying to chase down a home run. Immediately, it brought to mind Bryce Harper slamming into the Dodger Stadium wall in May.

The Remarkable Marco Scutaro | FanGraphs Baseball
A look at Scoot's batting ability. Some folks... ahem JPA... could take a lesson from what Scoot's done.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Swings | FanGraphs Baseball
Colby has the worst swing of the year.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Pitches | FanGraphs Baseball
RA Dickey and Colby Rasmus make an appearance.

Just A Fire In A Light Tower During A Game At Nationals Park
No one was injured, and the fire never spread beyond the light tower up in right field, so go ahead and laugh!


Baseball History - June 29th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1989 Boise Hawks' manager Mal Finchman is suspended for one game for returning to the field after being ejected in the sixth inning disguised as the team's mascot Humphrey the Hawk. The feathery impostor is able to give instructions to his team for the remainder the Northwest League contest against Salem.

2012 In the Diamondbacks' 9-3 victory over Milwaukee at Miller Park, Aaron Hill becomes the first modern-era player to hit for the cycle twice in one season since Babe Herman accomplished the feat with the Brooklyn Robins in 1931. Eleven days ago in Seattle, the Arizona second baseman also collected a single, double, triple and home run in the game.