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Blue Jays 7 Padres 4: Jays Win in Extras

Extra inning games are much more fun when we win.

Denis Poroy

Blue Jays 7 Padres 4 (11 innings)

It's nice to win one in extras for a change.

Mark DeRosa is determined to make me a fan. That leadoff home run in the 11th was just great. He seemed to be looking for something he could hit out and he got it.

After the home run, Emilio Bonifacio had a bloop single between the shortstop and left fielder. Anthony Gose followed with a nice pinch hit style bunt. Chase Headley threw wild to first, allowing Bonifacio score and Gose to second. Next Jose Bautista lined one down the 1st base line, just beyond Mark Kotsay's glove and just fair. Jose was 0 for his last 19 at bats before that.

The sad moment of the game came in the 3rd inning. Ramon Ortiz threw a pitch and was in instant pain. He clearly knew it was very serious, slamming his glove to the ground and breaking into tears. I hope I'm wrong, but I very much doubt we will see him pitch again. He is already going for an MRI:

Our bullpen was terrific, going 9 scoreless innings allowing just 2 hits and 4 walks with 6 strikeouts. Brad Lincoln. Esmil Rogers, and Brett Cecil pitched 2 innings each. Steve Delabar, Casey Janssen (getting the win, his first of the season) and Aaron Loup (getting his 2nd save of the season) pitched 1 inning each.

Offensive stars were Adam Lind (3 for 6, double, 2 RBI), Edwin Encarnacion (2 for 5, homer, walk), Colby Rasmus (2 for 4, double), Maicer Izturis (2 for 5) and, of course, DeRosa (2 for 2, and the game winning home run).

J.P. Arencibia had a tough game, 0 for 5, 4 strikeouts, but 1 walk on a 12 pitch at bat. Be thankful for the small things.

There were a couple of strange moments. In the 5th, with us down by 2, Gibby elected to allow Lincoln to bat, leading off the inning. Then he put in Rogers to pitch to start the bottom half of the 5th. Why let him hit if you are going to take him out of the game anyway. .

Then, in the 6th, runners on 1st and 3rd and one out, Gibby left Rogers in and had him put down a sac bunt. I really didn't understand this, with the go ahead run at 3rd and one out, I want a pinch hitter. At that point we could score without a hit. Rogers bunted, then Melky popped out to end the inning.

Normally I'd say 'we won, so all is forgiven', but that was such a bad move, I have a hard time forgiving. Then, later in the game, Gibby pinch hits for Kawasaki. We don't pinch hit for a pitcher, with the go ahead runner at third, but we pinch hit for position player?

But then, Gibby used Janssen in a non-save spot, so we should take the good with the bad. This was a great example of why you don't save the best pitcher for the potential save. Janssen pitched the bottom of the 10, when a run would have lost the game. Then we score 3 and Loup gets the easy 3 run save.

Jays of the Day are DeRosa (.421 WPA), Lind (.270), Cecil (.222), Rogers (.133), Janssen (.123) and Rasmus (.106).

Suckage: Ortiz had the number (-.348, 2 innings, 5 hits, 4 earned) but I can't give it to a guy that may have had a career ending injury. So let's go with Melky (-.189, 1 for 5), Bautista (-.127, even with the RBI double, 1 for 6), JP (-.134, 0 for 5, 1 walk, 4 k), Kawasaki (-.103, 0 for 1, walk, but he hit into a double play with 2 on in the 4th).

The Jays have tomorrow off, thank goodness, I can't stay up so late every night. Tuesday they play the Giants and Josh Johnson makes his return to the mound.

Even with the late game, we had a nice game thread, 675 comments from 38 of us. MjwW led the way with 90 comments. A gritty performance.

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