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Blue Jays send Mickey Storey back to Buffalo

Mickey Storey
Mickey Storey

This one kind of surprises me, Mickey Storey is on his way back to Buffalo. He was called up to the Blue Jays on June 1, but didn't appear in the two games since. Mickey has a 3.80 ERA with the Bisons, in 13 games. The Jays say the the corresponding move won't be announced until tomorrow, but, I'll let you in on a secret, Josh Johnson will activated. Surprising right? Josh has a 6.86 ERA in 4 starts with the Jays before he went on the DL with triceps inflammation or whatever they are calling Crappy Pitching Disease these days.

I expected the Jays would have put Ramon Ortiz on the DL, to make room for Johnson, but I guess they are waiting until they have a diagnosis first. Maybe they will get us another position player when that happens, so we aren't treated to relief pitchers batting again. Or at least I can dream. Rajai Davis should be ready to go soon.

Anyway, sorry to see you go again Storey, but I'm sure you will be back soon. At least you had a nice couple of days in San Diego, a little break from Buffalo.