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Blue Jays sign catcher Ramon Hernandez

Jays add to their catching depth.

Ramon Hernandez
Ramon Hernandez
Rob Carr

The Blue Jays signed free agent catcher Ramon Hernandez, and will send him to Buffalo.

Hernandez is 37. He started the season with the Dodgers, hitting .208/.291/.438 in 48 at bats, before being released. He was traded to LA at the start of the season for Aaron Harang.

Ramon was a AL All-Star in 2003, hitting .273/.331/.457 with 21 home runs and 78 RBI with Oakland. In 15 major league seasons he has a .263/.327/.417 line with 169 home runs and 757 RBI in 1526 games. He has played for Oakland, Cincinnati, Baltimore, San Diego, Colorado and Los Angeles Dodgers.

He gives us a bit more depth, in case of an injury in Toronto.

In other minor news, the Orioles traded for our old friend Eric Thames. I'm not sure what their plans are for him, but I hope he does well, except, of course, any time he might play against us.