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Tuesday BBB Links: Waiting for JJ Edition

Yesterday's rest day helped put the San Diego Padres in the rear view mirror and get some optimism going about Josh Johnson's return to the rotation tonight. Links include Melky Cabrera's return to San Fran, Dominic Brown's emergence and the latest on getting some mammoths back on this earth.

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Denis Poroy

The Blue Jays are in dire need of some quality starting pitching and Josh Johnson is a quality starting pitcher so today has potential to be a good day.


Cabrera back by the bay with Giants - The Globe and Mail
"Blue Jays outfielder not worried about reception he’ll receive from fans of team that shunned him."

Blue Jays: With Ramon Ortiz out, who will they call up next? | Toronto Star
"Journeyman right-hander Ramon Ortiz, the Blue Jays spot starter on Sunday night, was the team’s latest pitching casualty." I wouldn't mind seeing the Jays give Esmil Rogers an honest shot but they really don't seem to want to do that.

The Blue Jay Hunter: The Broken Blue Jays
A take on the series of injuries that Jays have faced.

Wilner on Jays: Bullpen steps up in dire circumstances -
"After a heartbreaking injury to Ramon Ortiz early in the game, the Blue Jays relievers were forced into action and stepped up huge in Toronto's 11-inning victory over San Diego Sunday night."

Blue Jays go for quality over quantity in Draft | News
"The Blue Jays won't have their typical allotment of supplemental picks this year, but they will have the No. 10 overall pick in the 2013 Draft."


Orioles GIFs of the Week - Camden Chat
"Good weeks make for good GIFs." We'd have to have a good week first....

Dustin Pedroia: Better than Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson - Over the Monster
"That's what Pedroia said to Jackson, anyway."

Steinbrenner: We've been disappointed in Alex Rodriguez - Pinstriped Bible
"Hal Steinbrenner stirs up the A-Rod hornets nest"

An Inning with Mariano Rivera’s Command | FanGraphs Baseball
Another gem on the minute things in baseball by Jeff Sullivan.


Domonic Brown and Getting There | FanGraphs Baseball
Domonic Brown doing an impression of J.P Arencibia would hit like if he was good. Not that many guys have a breakout month like this while drawing 0 walks but I'm sure the Phillies will take it.

How Well Does the Baseball America Prospect Top 100 Estimate the Top 100 Future Players? - Beyond the Box Score
"How many of the top 100 players in a given year were ranked in the Baseball America top 100?"

The Draft’s Biggest Flaw | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron pokes some holes in the current Draft system.

A's hot streak should last a little longer, but a major question remains | The Strike Zone -
I wish the Jays had gotten to play the Astro's nine times this year, that would get them back to .500

Report: Top draft prospect Jonathan Gray tests postive for Adderall -
"Projected to go in the top two picks, Gray may have hurt his own cause by using without a prescription." Maybe he falls to the Jays now, don't count on it though.


Can Mammoth Blood Enable Cloning?
"A reality check on a new find out of Russia and hopes for species revival. Can woolly mammoths really be brought back?"