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Don't Piss Me Off. I'm Running Out of Places to Hide the Bodies: Blue Jays @ Giants - June 5, 2013

GameThread - Blue Jays @ Giants - June 5, 2013

Today's pitchers are Toronto's R.A. Dickey going up against San Francisco's Barry Zito.


Melky Cabrera, LF Gregor Blanco, CF
Jose Bautista, RF Marco Scutaro, 2B
Edwin Encarnacion, 3B Pablo Sandoval, 3B
Mark DeRosa, 2B Buster Posey, C
Adam Lind, 1B Hunter Pence, RF
Maicer Izturis,SS Brandon Belt, 1B
Colby Rasmus, CF Andres Torres, LF
Henry Blanco, C Brandon Crawford, SS
R.A. Dickey, P Barry Zito, P

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