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Today's Blue Jays Lineup

Mark DeRosa playing second base.
Mark DeRosa playing second base.

The interesting part is that Adam Lind is going to play against the lefty Zito. And the way he is swinging the bat, I'm not against giving him a shot. Basically they are replacing Bonifacio's bat with Lind's and even against a lefty, Lind is likely better with the bat.

The infield defense will be awful. I haven't been impressed with Izturis at short, but he looks to be the best defensive player on the infield today. Lind is ok at first. I really don't like DeRosa playing second, but then Bonifacio isn't exactly Robby Alomar. And we all know about Edwin's defensive stylings at third.

I'm a little curious that Gibbons didn't decide to put Bonifacio into center field over Rasmus, though, with the pretty large area to cover, I think I'd rather have Rasmus too.

Dickey isn't going to have to get some strikeouts today, because I can foresee a high BABIP today.