The 2013 Baseball Strike

Good news, Jays fans. We might just be delivered from this horrible start by the first player strike in 20 years.

Jonah Keri in his usually excellent style breaks down the process and potential consequences of the Commissioner's Office pushing for suspensions regarding the Biogenesis scandal. Former Biogenesis proprietor Tony Bosch has agreed to testify, linking up to 20 players to PED use through his former company. If this happens, reports are that the Commissioner's Office may hand out double suspensions for PED use and lying about PED use. In the case of already suspended players like Melky Cabrera, he will possibly face suspensions for failing a drug test for PED, the use of PEDs, and lying about his use of PED, which would trigger the three penalty life-time suspension clause in the MLB's drug guidelines.

While Keri states that the chances of a strike 'could go from essentially zero to "not impossible."', I think he's underselling the potential consequences. The MLBPA is an extremely strong organization, teams are currently locked into massive media investments for games, and the charges are ridiculous. It's akin to pulling over a drunk driver on his first offense and removing his licence for life because he drank to the point of intoxication and drove, lied to the officier about being drunk, and failed a breathalyzer as three individually distinct crimes. Given the reports of a vendetta initiated by Selig at Braun specifically, the optics of striking will never be as close to neutral as they are now.

I predict that if the Commissioners Office moves ahead with this plan, the MLBPA will threaten a work stoppage unless it is repealed and a more equatable solution is found regarding the Biogenesis scandal or the owners remove Selig from his position. The likelihood of that showdown I feel is a lot more possible than I think Keri gives credit for.

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