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Blue Jays pick Clinton Hollon #47 in MLB Draft

After picking Phil Bickford #10 overall earlier in the evening, the Blue Jays selected right handed 18-year-old pitcher Clinton Hollon with the #47 pick. Their night is now complete making only two picks, which is a lot different than how it was last year. Hollon is 6'1" and weighs in at 195 pounds out of Woodford County High School (Versailles, KY). It sounds like Hollon has great stuff with some question marks around his delivery and mechanics.

ESPN had this to say about him:

Hollon, a Kentucky commit, has bumped 97 mph on the radar gun. And despite some red flags with his delivery, he has the best arm in the prep class of 2013. He's just 6-foot-1, but he's well built at 195 pounds and offers an upper-80s curveball, a mid-80s slider and a changeup. His slider may be his best shot at an out pitch at the next level.

While the great preview over at Crawfish Boxes had this to say:

Given the injury history and his imperfect mechanics, he caries a bit of a risk. He has inconsistent leg drive and will sometimes "fall" over his front leg instead of drive to it which reduces the force coming from his lower body. Because he falls into his front leg, his core has to create some force and leads to some excess rotation and lean to the first-base side. That leads to some control issues. The arm comes through in a 3/4 arm slot that is a fairly clean arm clean arm action.

Jonathan Mayo had Hollon ranked #86 and noted:

Hollon has a similar frame to Jeremy Guthrie, and that might be his ceiling

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Some more quotes include coast2coastprospects saying:

The potential is definitely there as he has excellent present stuff highlighted by a fastball that sits in the low-90s and has been clocked as high as 96. He also adds a curveball in the high 70s and has shown both a slider and a change-up in the low-80s. He shows a good feel for the change-up, but the slider is widely regarded as his out pitch.