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Blue Jay Roster Moves: Josh Thole and Andy LaRoche Called Up, Henry Blanco DFA


Surprise. Who figured today was the day that Blanco would be DFAed. Glad to see Josh Thole coming up but surprised to see it happening today.

Josh Thole was hitting .322/.383/.392 in 41 games at Buffalo. He is a lefty bat. He could platoon some with JP. It is time he was up.

Andy LaRoche is also coming up from Buffalo. He is hitting .282/.358/463 in 49 games there, with 7 home runs. We could use someone that can play third base. I'm hoping this doesn't mean that Brett Lawrie is going to be gone longer than the Jays have said.

Henry Blanco leaves. Blanco was Dickey's personal catcher, this season, he's been hitting just .184/.262/.263 in 15 games. He stayed with the team longer than I figured he would. At 41, you have to figure his career is over now. Maybe he's still tired from scoring from first base on R.A. Dickey's double?

Glad to see Thole up, I thought he should have been up a month ago, but better late than never. And LaRoche is likely a better defensive 3B than Mark DeRosa. At least he gives us another option at third.