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Report: Blue Jays Sign Chien-Ming Wang

The roster moves never end.

I think he'd look good in a Blue Jay uniform
I think he'd look good in a Blue Jay uniform
Koji Watanabe

Lots of news today:

I wondered if the Jays would go after Chien-Ming Wang. We needed a starter for Tuesday and didn't know who the Jays might call up for the spot.

We are short of starting pitchers and Wang has looked good in Triple-A, Scranton with the Yankees. He is 4-4, in 9 starts there, with a 2.33 ERA. 58 inning, 10 walks, 25 strikeouts. He was never a strikeout pitcher. He was a great starter for the Yankees, he won 19 games, 2 straight seasons, 2006 and 2007, with ERAs of 3.63 and 3.70. In his MLB career he has a 61-32 record in 130 games, 120 starts, with a 4.26 ERA. He pitched for the Nationals in 2011-2012.

My view is that it is worth a shot. Chad Jenkins had a couple of good starts, but seemed to be getting lucky, he gave up a lot of base runners but was able to keep them from scoring. Wang can full a starting role until Brandon Morrow is read to return and then the Jays can consider their options from there. It sounds like J.A. Happ won't be back with the team for a while yet, so we need someone as 5th starter.