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Blue Jays Pick Matt Boyd, LHP in 6th Round

Blue Jays 6th round pick is Matt Boyd, a left-handed pitcher from Oregon State. He's 6'3", 215lb. He was used as a closer at Oregon.

MLB says:

Boyd spent his first three years at Oregon State as a reliever, but is starting for the first time as a senior after not signing with the Cincinnati Reds, who took him in the 2012 Draft. As a starter, he's shown the ability to mix four pitches well, all of which could be Major League average as he develops them. Big, strong and durable, he throws his fastball, curve, slider and changeup around the plate consistently and varies his arm slot to give hitters different looks. A team that takes Boyd can give him the chance to remain as a starter, knowing that he had success as a lower-angle lefty reliever in the past.