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View from the Other Side: A Scouting Report of Manager Ron Washington, from Lone Star Ball's Adam J. Morris

Lone Star Ball's Adam J. Morris on Texas Rangers Manager Ron Washington.

Ron Washington
Ron Washington
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

I asked Adam J. Morris for a scouting of Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington:

Ron Washington as manager -- I think its a little misleading to talk about him as a manager in terms of his in-game strategy, because he relies very heavily on Mike Maddux on pitching moves and Jackie Moore on tactical decisions. He bunts a lot with guys in the "traditional" spots -- if Elvis, hitting leadoff tonight, gets on base, there's a good chance Jurickson Profar will bunt. If a non-power hitter at the bottom of the lineup comes up with a runner on first and no one out, expect a bunt. He wants the Rangers to be aggressive on the basepaths, even at the expense of a few TOOTBLANs. He doesn't pinch hit much, especially given how limited the Ranger bench will be this weekend, with Nelson Cruz, Lance Berkman and Adrian Beltre limited because of the damage the turf in Toronto does to their hamstrings. In regards to pitching, he believes in traditional "roles" -- if the Rangers are up, Robbie Ross will pitch the 7th, Tanner Scheppers will pitch the 8th, and Joe Nathan will pitch the 9th. Neal Cotts and Jason Frasor will be used as middle men. Relievers generally pitch a full inning, and don't pitch more than one inning.

Thanks Adam