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I Don't Know Why You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello Saturday June 8, 2013 Links

Busy day for the Jays as they added Dustin (huzzah), another Josh, Andy and Wang to the roster while beating up the Texas Rangers. Onto the Links. Title from the Beatle's Hello Goodbye.



Toronto Blue Jays’ relievers come up big over Texas Rangers | MLB | Sports | National Post
The Post's Recap: So here we are, a week into June, and the bullpen has been the one consistent cog in the Blue Jays’ sputtering machine

Blue Jays hammer Texas Rangers in series opener | Toronto Star
Star's Recap: Jays starter Esmil Rogers held the Rangers to a single run on three hits and a walk through four innings while striking out six.


Toronto Blue Jays reportedly set to add Chien-Ming Wang to rotation | MLB | Sports | National Post
Henry Blanco is gone. Josh Thole and Andy LaRoche have arrived. Chien-Ming Wang is on his way

The Blue Jay Hunter: Flashback Friday: Roberto Alomar's "Catch the Taste" Commercial
Ian looks at the famous Alomar endorsement.


Juan Gonzalez declines induction into Texas Rangers Hall of Fame | Texas Rangers Blog
Yikes. Juan Gone was the straw that stirred the drink for the Rangers in the 90s.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Pitches | FanGraphs Baseball
Sullivan's Weekly GIF parade. The Jays are on the receiving end on two of them and the best part is that they didn't swing at them or they would have been in the next article.

The Worst of the Best: The Week’s Wildest Swings | FanGraphs Baseball
No Jays this week.

MLB Umpires Manage To Blow Two Calls On The Same Play
Our old pals Tony Randazzo and Jordan Baker should have another set of companions in internet ignominy today: third-base ump Cory Blaser and first-base ump Ed Hickox both blew calls in the 12th inning of Padres-Rockes last night. And each of those blown calls came on the play where the Padres scored the winning run. So why isn't the pair the target of ten thousand 140-character screeds?

Bud Selig Kept Saying "The 2000 First-Year Player Draft" Last Night
Via Larry Brown Sports, here are three of the four times Bud Selig introduced a draft pick last night by referring to the year as 2000. He even did it when the Astros took Stanford pitcher Mark Appel with the No. 1 overall selection. Was it wishful thinking?

Does A Baseball Player's Race Affect The Value Of His Card?
Is a baseball card worth more money if the player on it is white? Perhaps! On this week's excerpt from Slate's Hang up and Listen podcast, Mike Pesca runs through the many studies have been done on the subject of racial bias and baseball card values, many of which posit that racism has long driven down the value of cards depicting minority players.

The Weed That Came To Chris Perez's House Was Addressed To His Dog
The standard athlete-busted-for-misdemeanor-weed-possession story is one that's rarely fun to study. The drug in question is less harmful than lots of legal substances, and the details hardly shift (cop pulls someone over, cop smells something, etc.) in each case. But every so often there's a magical detail—the accused athlete will try to eat his weed, for instance—that makes the story crackle with life.


Baseball History June 8th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1968 Dodger right-hander Don Drysdale's scoreless streak ends at a record 58 2/3 consecutive innings when Tony Taylor is driven in by Howie Bedell's sacrifice fly in the fifth inning. It will be the Phillies outfielder's only RBI for the season.

1969 On Mickey Mantle Day, the Yankees retire uniform number 7 in front of a crowd of 60,096 at the ballpark in the Bronx. The Mick also receives a plaque from Joe DiMaggio that will be hung on the center field, and, then in turn, he gives the 'Yankee Clipper' a similar plaque, telling the crowd, "His should be just a little bit higher than mine."

1977 For the fourth time in his career, Nolan Ryan strikes out 19 batters in a game. The right-hander matches the mark in ten innings of work, with 18 punch outs coming during the first nine frames, in the Angels' eventual 2-1 victory.

1989 After the Pirates take a 10-0 lead in Philadelphia by sending 16 batters to the plate in the first inning, Pirates' broadcaster Jim Rooker announces if the Bucs lose the game he'll walk back to Pittsburgh. True to his word, the radio by-by-play man organizes a charity walk from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh after the season as a result of the Phillies comeback win over the Pirates, 15-11.