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Sunday Banting: Injury Update


We have a bunch of little bits of new today:

  • Brandon Morrow will throw a side session in the next couple of days and will be heading to Dunedin for 2 or 3 rehab starts. He 'feels great'. I'd think he shouldn't need much rehab time.
  • Jose Reyes will be starting his rehab in 10 days or maybe less. How long do you think his rehab will last? A week? I can't wait to get him back.
  • Darrin Oliver will be back tomorrow. He wasn't added today because the Jays wanted someone that could pitch multiple innings. Thad was to start in Buffalo today.
  • Chien-Ming Wang's time with the Blue Jays will be a start to start thing, if he pitches good, he'll stay, if he doesn't he won't. He had a $500,000 contract with the Jays, prorated.
  • Brett Lawrie is healing slower than expected, no timetable for him. It sounds like Reyes might beat him back to the roster.

It sounds like the daily roster moves will continue. Never a dull moment.