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Bluebird Banter Event: Diamond Club - July 18 @ 7 pm

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Dinner, drinks, and a baseball movie.

Bluebird Banter, Left Field Brewery, and Tallboys Craft Beer House have come together to create...

The Diamond Club


It's not a sweaty creepy dancing club nor is it a stuffy artsy-fartsy social club, it is a club where we break bread, eat good food, drink good beer, and have good company, all wrapped around baseball! Our inaugural meeting will be next Thursday, July 18 at 7 pm at Tallboys (838 Bloor Street West, Toronto). For just $25 you will get a delicious buffet dinner with food cooked or flavoured with Left Field Brewery's ales, as well as drink samples. If you've been wanting to try out Left Field's brews, this would be the perfect occasion. Mark Murphy, the chief "brew dude" at Left Field will be a special guest, and apparently, so will I.


7:00 Reception

7:30 Dinner

8:30 6 Clues Baseball Gameshow (with prizes!)

9:00 Major League Screening



Candy Salad IPA-candied pecans, mixed greens and roasted beets with summer citrus dressing


Eephus Braised Short Ribs Succulent short ribs doused in a brown ale port reduction sauce

Maris Mash American Pale Ale Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes

6-4-3 Green Bacon Double IPA flavoured collard greens


Left Field Panna Cotta

All for just $25 (ticket include food and drink samples)! Buy your tickets ahead of time right here. I hope to see many of you there to break bread and to talk baseball post All-Star Break.

The Diamond Club is brought to you by Swingman Live.