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Blue Jays 2 Indians 4: more bad baseball

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Could we please stop making dumb mistakes?

In about three seconds, the ball Rajai is fielding will be hitting the mess behind the plate.
In about three seconds, the ball Rajai is fielding will be hitting the mess behind the plate.
Jason Miller

Blue Jays 2 Indians 4

In reality, if a pitcher making his major league debut goes 6 innings, allowing just 2 hits, 1 run with 7 strikeouts, against you, you shouldn't win. The 7 strikeouts, by Danny Salazar, were the most by an Indians pitcher making his first MLB start since Luis Tiant struck out 11 Yankees back in July of 1964.

But then, without stupidity, we really could have won. After the top of the 6th we were tied 1-1. Then it got stupid all over. To summarize:

  • R.A. Dickey loaded the bases, with one out, by hitting a batter and walking two. One would imagine, with a lefty batter up and Aaron Loup warming in the bullpen, this would be the time to make a pitching change. But no.
  • Then, the aforementioned lefty batter, Lonnie Chisenhall, pops one just over Jose Reyes, for a single. Then Rajai Davis picks the ball up and for reasons that mystify me, throws home, trying, I guess, to get a force out there. Now saying 'throwing home' was a very nice way of putting it, really he threw it well over Josh Thole at home, clear to the backstop. Costing us a run. How often have we had outfielders throwing to the wrong place lately? It is getting tiresome. Dickey got out of the inning with just those two runs scoring but that was enough damage.
  • Then in the 8th, Jose Bautista falls down going after a easy fly off the bat Carlo Santana., turning an out into an RBI triple. Another run that shouldn't have been, though, this time, less stupidity than bad luck. Still, you really shouldn't be falling down on that play.

So, instead of going into the 9th down by 1, we were down by 3. We almost made the comeback.

In the 9th, after popups by Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion, Adam Lind doubled and Colby Rasmus drove him home with a single. Then pinch-hitter J.P. Arencibia walked.

Which would you think is more unlikely, JP going into a game as a pinch-hitter or him getting a walk in that situation.

Unfortunately, Rajai Davis deep fly, that followed JP's walk, came up a little short.

Jay of the Day: Jose Bautista had the number, at .108 WPA (mostly for the double that scored our tying run), but, with the fall, I can't give him it, so no JoD today.

Suckage: Reyes (-.158, 0 for 4 with 2 k, and he didn't get back far enough to catch that popup in the 6th), Dickey also had the number, -.131, some of that is the fault of Rajai's throw.

I listened to the last couple of innings on XM Radio. The Indian's commentators had a bit of fun watching Rajai swing at a pitch that bounced. "A major league batter shouldn't be swinging at things like that". And Munenori Kawasaki's fake steal had them laughing.

Another frustrating loss. I'm trying to become more zen about them but it is getting harder and harder to watch bad baseball.

We had 940 comments from 45 members in the afternoon GameThread. Pikachu led the way with 97 comments, again, great work in a losing cause.

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