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Yu Don't Got What We Need Friday July 12, 2013 Links

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It's not a good day for anyone. Bud is thinking about going nukular and protecting our precious bodily fluids. The Jays probably won't sign their first rounder, lost and probably have a winner in the worst swing of the season. Yu Darvish goes on the DL. Anna Benson goes crazy. John Rocker says something stupid (although not shocking.) ESPN might not be the world wide leader in sports entertainment. In simpler times we could have blamed Witches, Elves, or Underwear Gnomes for a day gone wrong.

An All Star Fist Pump
An All Star Fist Pump
Jason Miller


Blue Jays' offence falters vs. Salazar, Indians -
Sportsnet's Recap: Rookie Danny Salazar pitched six superb innings to win his major league debut, leading the Cleveland Indians to a 4-2 victory over the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday.


Delabar to join teammates in all-star game -
Toronto Blue Jays reliever Steve Delabar earned the most fan votes to edge out Joaquin Benoit, David Robertson, Tanner Scheppers, and Koji Uehara for the final spot on the AL all-star roster.

Wilner: What went wrong with Bickford? -
The Blue Jays are on the verge of losing 2013 top pick Phil Bickford, but there are few answers as to why the team has failed to come to terms with their first-rounder for the second time in three years.

The Blue Jay Hunter: Burning Questions: Johnson, Lawrie & Janssen
Ian looks at three players who require a decision.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. Baltimore Orioles: MLB series preview | Toronto Star
The Blue Jays are 6-4 vs. the Orioles this season.

Deadspin - Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion
Some good baseball today in Cleveland: Indians reliever Cody Allen just misses the strike zone, and the Blue Jays' Rajai Davis just misses with this swing.


The Mets and Twins Should Remember Joakim Soria | FanGraphs Baseball
Maybe Dirk has a point?

Is Selig Preparing To Use The Nuclear Option? | FanGraphs Baseball
Biogenesis is a gimungo legal mess and Bud Selig is going to make it all better. Yeah, I can see this ending... "well."

How Will Possible PED Suspensions Affect MLB Teams? - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Sometime after the All-Star break, Major League Baseball plans to suspend Ryan Braun along with as many as 20 other players accused of performance-enh

MASH Report (7/11/13) – In-Depth on Matt Cain and Yu Darvish | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball
Read the section about Yu. Still upset about not getting him? Although it would have fit in with how well this Jays season has been going.

John Rocker says baseball’s steroids era was "more entertaining" | Toronto Star
Rocker was suspended in 2000 after making disparaging remarks. He later admitted he used steroids.

Baseball Wives star Anna Benson arrested after raiding Kris Benson’s home | Toronto Star
Baseball Wives star Anna Benson was allegedly found Monday in her estranged husband’s home wearing a bulletproof vest and brandishing an expandable metal baton.

The Hell Is Wrong With This Phillies Fan?
A lot?


ESPN's Ratings Are Way Down This Year. What's The Matter In Bristol?
ESPN may have grown into an unbeatable Goliath, as its executives spent the year telling any reporter who'd stand still long enough, but maybe the stretch marks are beginning to show. ESPN laid off hundreds two months ago, and in August it will face new competition in the form of Fox Sports 1, a network that has Goldman Sachs analysts warning folks to think twice about before buying Disney's stock. And today comes news that ESPN's ratings were significantly down from April to June this year.


Baseball History - July 12th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1979 After a delay of an hour and 16 minutes, the White Sox are forced to forfeit the second game of a twi-night doubleheader against the Tigers when over 5000 adolescent fans refuse to leave the field during Disco Demolition Night. Mike Veeck's promotion involves admitting fans for 98 cents with a disco record, collecting the vinyl and then literally blowing up the LPs and .45s in center field.

1997 Pitching for the first time in Fenway not wearing a Red Sox uniform, Jerkface Clemens strikes out sixteen as the Blue Jays defeat Boston, 3-1. During the game, it appears the 'Jerkface' is continually glaring up at Dan Duquette in the general manager's suite.