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Tuesday BBB Links: Post Derby Edition

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Today's links AA's deadline activities, Mariano Rivera's career and how crickets react to performing for an audience.

This man hits a mean baseball
This man hits a mean baseball
Ezra Shaw

Wasn't it fun to see those guys hit those home runs? You bet it was. On to some links.


Ferguson: Should the Jays look to Romero or Garza?
I want to say neither

AA’s Trade Deadlines Have Been Successful - Jays Journal - A Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
My suspicion is that this one is a bit more uneventful, but you never know

Minor League Shuffling: All-Star Break Edition - Blue Jays from Away
A look at some of the player movement throughout the farm system

Fan Fuel: Students watch Kawasaki in Japan -
Fan Fuel's Wes Armstrong, a Canadian teacher living in Japan, asks his students what they think of the exploits of Toronto Blue Jays fan sensation Munenori Kawasaki.

The Blue Jay Hunter: 8 Storylines from the Blue Jays First Half
I would argue that the emergence of Esmil Rogers belongs on this list but it's a good summary of what's transpired so far.


David Ortiz on his favorite curse word, the surprising Red Sox and retiring in Boston | The Strike Zone -
It's a shame Big Papi wasn't in the Derby last night

Mariano Rivera closing extraordinary Yankees career with grace, style -
"From humble beginnings to Hall of Fame career to a graceful farewell tour, Mariano Rivera proves to be one of the greatest Yankees of all."

Orioles GIFs of the Week - Camden Chat
"It's possible that we have broken the record for the most GIFs on Camden Chat "before the All-Star break". There were years when PEDs were common and they were cranking out GIFs on amphetamines, but Chris Davis and I don't acknowledge those numbers.'

MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees could do nothing, says Bob Klapisch - Pinstriped Bible
"Yankees fans might have to prepare for a July where the Yankees don't make any major deals"

Much to Love about Lobo's First-Half - DRaysBay
"There is no such thing as an automatic out, but for the first three years of his career, Jose Lobaton was fairly close to it."


X-factors and records to watch for when second-half begins - MLB - Joe Lemire -
"As baseball breaks for an especially late All-Star Game -- every team has played at least 91 games, 10 more than the true midpoint -- here are some x-factors that could impact the second "

What you don't know about Bonilla -- and Saberhagen -- Mets deals -
The article is worth a look for the picture alone.

Figuring out the Inside the Park Home Run Derby - Baseball Nation
There are some really great ideas here

2013 Trade Value: #50 – #46 | FanGraphs Baseball
The bottom of Fangraph's yearly series on the players with the highest trade value in the league

2013 Trade Value: #45 – #41 | FanGraphs Baseball
I'm somewhat surprised but pleased to see Edwin on this list


Crickets Act Differently When Others Are Watching
"Crickets play to an audience, changing their behavior when they know others are watching, a new study says."