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Are the Jays really interested in Matt Garza?

Matt Garza
Matt Garza
David Banks

The Matt Garza rumors keep happening. This is from David Kaplan, on

Multiple sources told me Monday afternoon the Rangers and the Blue Jays are both deciding how far they want to go to acquire Garza with one personnel executive saying, "Look Texas has come so close to winning it all and they may not have many more opportunities to win a ring. And Toronto paid big in the offseason and this may be their best shot to win if they can add another solid arm and Garza certainly fits that big time."

I have a hard time believing it. The old line 'throwing good money after bad' comes to mind. I think it would be a dumb move.

There is no way that one arm pulls the Blue Jays out of this mess they have made for themselves. If the team starts playing the way they should, maybe they could start moving up the division, though getting into contention is a long shot, but if they don't start playing good baseball, adding one arm isn't going to help.

After the off-season, we don't have a lot of great prospects left, I'd hate to give up the few we do have to get Garza. He's been good. His ERA has been under 4.00 every season except for his rookie season. He has a 3.17 in 11 starts for the Cubs.

The usual line, with Alex Anthopoulos, is that if you have heard the rumor, it isn't true. I'm hoping that holds true this time. I can't see why the Jays would be considering this at all. I guess there is the chance that they would trade for Garza and then try to trade Josh Johnson, but that seems like a long shot to me.

I can see us wanting to add another arm for next season, but the time to do that is the off-season. Why get in a bidding war right now?

Update: Alex was on TSN radio saying he has had "not one discussion" about a starter. I don't believe that either. Alex is always talking about trades. It seems hard to believe he's he hasn't, at some point, talked about almost every player in baseball.