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All-Star Game Recap: Blue Jays in the Game

All four Blue Jay All-Stars played in the game.

Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista

AL 3 NL 0

The AL wins and all four Blue Jays got into the game:

  • Jose Bautista: struck out in the first inning. In the fourth he drove home the game's first run and the AL's game winning run with a sac fly, scoring Miguel Cabrera. WPA -.063
  • Edwin Encarnacion: hit into a double play in his first at bat in the 7th. In the 9th he ground out, hard, to short, with Prince Fielder on third (watching Prince run out a triple was my favorite part of the game). Unfortunately for Edwin, he hit the ball too hard, Fielder didn't try to score on it even with the infield back. WPA -.052
  • Brett Cecil: came into the game with one out and a runner on first, in the seventh, and struck out Dominic Brown on three pitches. WPA .046. He would be the Jay of the Day.
  • Steve Delabar: took over for Brett, it took him 5 pitches to strikeout Buster Posey to end the inning. WPA .035.

The NL had just 3 hits.

The AL had 9 hits. They got their second run in the J.J. Hardy fifth inning, Adam Jones doubled, Joe Mauer singled and J.J. Hardy drove Jones home with a ground ball to second. The third run came in the eighth inning, Salvador Perez and Jhonny Peralta singled, Jason Kipnis drove home Perez with a ground rule double.

Mariano Rivera got the MVP for his scoreless inning. Well, he got the MVP for his long career. He had a .043 WPA. Chris Sale had the highest WPA at .101 for his 2 perfect innings, with 2 strikeouts. David Ortiz had the low mark for the AL, -.072.

For the NL, the top WPA went to starter Matt Harvey at .094. Low mark goes to Patrick Corbin at -.090, he also took the loss.