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Two Blue Jays on John Sickels' Top 75 Prospects: Mid-Season Update

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John Sickels, over at Minor League Ball, has put up his Top 75 Prospects Mid-Season Update. There are two Blue Jays on the list:

47) Marcus Stroman, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays. Previously 111. No problems in Double-A. Another one who seems oddly overlooked when top pitching prospects are discussed.


55) Aaron Sanchez, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays. Previously 42. No question about the stuff, command is still wobbly and he's had some arm trouble.

I agree that Stroman doesn't get the love that he should on prospects lists, it likely has some to do with his size and maybe the suspension hurt him in the eyes of some. He has been terrific for New Hampshire this season, putting up a 3.23 ERA in 55 innings, 14 walks, 63 strikeouts.

Sanchez, as mentioned, has had some arm troubles, but the 3.34 ERA in 56 innings looks pretty good, as does the 37 hits and 49 strikeouts. 23 walks is a few too many.

At the top of John's list is Byron Buxton of the Twins. Former Jays Noah Syndergaard is #11, Travis d'Arnaud #22 and Jake Marisnick #68.