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Carlos Delgado by the numbers

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A look at where Carlos Delgado ranks among the Blue Jays hitting leaders.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

I thought, with it being Carlos Delgado Day at Rogers Centre, we could take a look at where he sits among the Blue Jays all time hitting leaders. I think it is pretty obvious that Carlos was the best offensive player the Jays have ever had.

Carlos Delgado's place among Blue Jays hitting leaders career numbers(all numbers from Baseball Reference):

WAR 2nd 36.7

Offensive War 1st 39.1

Batting Average 11th .282.

OBP 2nd .392

Slugging 1st .556 (Jose Bautista is close behind at .545)

OPS 1st .949 (Jose Bautista is second at .926)

Games played 2nd 1450

Plate Appearances 1st 6018

Runs Scored 1st 889 (top active Jay is Jose Bautista at 402, 19th spot)

Hits 3rd 1413 (Bautista is the again the top active Jay at 562, 30th)

Total Bases 1st 2786

Doubles 1st 343

Home runs 1st 336 (Vernon Wells is 2nd at 223, Bautista 6th at 164)

RBI 1st 1058 (Wells 2nd at 813, Bautista 15th at 400)

Walks 1st 827 (Lloyd Moseby 2nd at 547, Bautista 8th at 401)

Strikeouts 1st 1242

Runs Created 1st 1151

Extra Base Hits 1st 690

Hit by Pitch 1st 122 (Reed Johnson is 2nd at 80, top active Jay is Bautista at 25, 21st spot on the list)

Sac Flies 2nd 61 (Joe Carter is #1 with 65)

Intentional walks 1st 128 (Bautista is tied for 9th with 31)

At Bats per HR 2nd 14.9 (Bautista leads at 13.3)

Some single season marks:

Carlos 2000 season was the 4th best season by WAR at 7.3 and 2nd best but Offensive WAR at 8.1. Jose Bautista's 2011 leads in both, at 8.1 and 8.3 respectively.

Batting Average 2nd hitting .344 in 2000. John Olerud's .363 in 1993 was tops.

OBP 2nd, 470 in 200, Olerud was 473 in 1993.

Slugging average 1st, 1.134 in 2000. Delgado owns 5 of our top 10 seasons in slugging average.

Doubles 1st, 57 in 2000.

Home runs 4th, 44 in 1999. Jose Bautista's 54 in 2010 leads the way. Carlos has 5 of the top 15 spots on this list.

RBI, Carlos has the top 3 spots in single season RBI number, having 145 in 2003, 137 in 2000 and 134 in 1999 (tied with George Bell from 1987).

Walks 2nd, 123 in 2000 (Bautista had 132 walks in 2011). Carlos owns 4 of the top 10 spots on that list.