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Blue Jays 5 Dodgers 14: Jays make 5 errors, 6 if you count showing up

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Jays sign new pitcher, the little girl, not the old guy, who is with KISS or something.
Jays sign new pitcher, the little girl, not the old guy, who is with KISS or something.

Dodgers 14 Blue Jays 5

Everyday I think it can't get worse, everyday I'm proven wrong.

That was terrible and ugly. 5 errors. Colby Rasmus, J.P. Arencibia, Adam Lind (2) and Dustin McGowan put up the errors.

Josh Johnson had a very good first inning. The second? Not so good, and he didn't get an out in the third. In all, 2.0, 7 hits, 5 earned, 1 walk, 2 k, 1 home run.

Our great bullpen wasn't. They gave up 9 runs in 5 innings, before Darren Oliver had a clean 9th. Cecil and Delabar have had troubles since the All-Star game, not that I'm suggesting that the game caused it.

On offense, we scored 5 runs! Yay. 13 hits. Kept it to a 2 possession game. Edwin Encarncancion and Mark DeRosa had 3 hits each. 2 hits for Melky Cabrera and Rasmus. The two Joses and Brett Lawrie were the only starters not to get a hit.

No Jays of the Day today. I think that those of us that sat through the whole thing deserve the award. Suckage, let's give it Johnson and ummm everyone that put on a Jays uniform, I'm not going to look it up.

Honest, just try to forget that mess and go listen to RationaL's A Swing and a Belt. As bad as the game was, that song will make you a Jays fan again.

Even with the bad game, we had a good GameThread. 37 of us put up 597 comments, with the odd one being about the game. Now I'm going to drink.

# Commenter # Comments
1 Tom Dakers 80
2 Belisarius 60
3 MjwW 57
4 Alan F. 54
5 Redonred 46
6 TFSML 44
7 fishedin 30
8 Thorkun 20
9 Super Bass Hallways 18
10 Minor Leaguer 18
11 St.Sniper 17
12 Goldenhawk99 15
13 PFHLai 15
14 MartsB 14
15 shortofbrillant 11
16 jays182 10
17 rob.magnificent 10
18 Nadia 9
19 Bowling_Guy25 9
20 Big and Strong 9
21 Stealin' Home 9