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Tuesday BBB Links: Mindblowing Inferiority Edition

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This Blue Jays team was unfathomably poor at playing baseball last night and that was reflected in the score. Today's links include Carlos Delgado's peak, the trade of Matt Garza and whether Dolphins have names.

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Take a seat.
Take a seat.
Tom Szczerbowski

Guys, I don't want to talk about it. Here are some links.


Note to J.P. Arencibia: Give it a rest and start hitting | Eh Game - Yahoo! Sports Canada

Ferguson: Considering Hall credentials for two former Jays
Don't think either has much of a chance unfortunately.

Happ Cannot Return Fast Enough For Blue Jays - Jays Journal - A Toronto Blue Jays Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More
"Injured left-hander J.A. Happ may be on the way back to the Toronto Blue Jays rotation shortly. But will it be too little too late?" I would answer with a curt and depressing affirmative here but there is no need to bring everyone further down.

Batter's Box Interactive Magazine - Smith, Davis, Pillar and Pompey!
If there is no comfort to be found with the MLB team... try the minors

Sloppy Blue Jays hit rock bottom with lopsided loss to Dodgers - The Globe and Mail
"Toronto made a season-high five errors and lost its fifth straight game"

Carlos Delgado at the Top of His Game | FanGraphs Baseball
He was pretty unbelievable there for a while.


Orioles GIFs of the Week - Camden Chat
"Our Orioles All-Stars scored some runs, made some plays, and had some laughs. After the break all has been well in Birdland. Let's enjoy some GIFs, just like every week."

Clay Buchholz receives positive news from Dr. James Andrews - Over the Monster
"Clay Buchholz has received confirmation from Dr. James Andrews: there's no structural damage to his shoulder, and he can resume throwing."

Alex Rodriguez "all but assured" suspension for Biogenesis connection, per Heyman - Pinstriped Bible
"According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, Alex Rodriguez may not make it back to the field before his punishment for his connection to Biogenesis is handed down."

Would you trade Travis Hafner for Mark Reynolds? -
"Or how about a used car? Wondering when it's time to let go of a failing player."

Yankees trade rumors: Cubs' Alfonso Soriano a possible target - Pinstriped Bible

"In a continuous quest for offense, the Yankees have set their sights on Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano."


Ryan Braun Suspended For Rest of Season | FanGraphs Baseball
Chain reaction to come.

Matt Garza traded to Rangers for five players -
"The Cubs have traded Matt Garza to the Rangers for Mike Olt, Justin Grimm, C.J. Edwards and two players to be named later."

Zack Greinke’s Babe Ruth Season | FanGraphs Baseball
The man can hit.

Is a smarter player a better player? - Baseball Nation
"Gabe Kapler thinks so. But intelligence can cut both ways, as sometimes ignorance is bliss."

Kemp powers Dodgers to victory but injures himself yet again | The Strike Zone -
The Dodgers seemed to do alright without him.


Dolphins Have "Names," Respond When Called
"Dolphins respond to recordings of their own whistles—suggesting they use names to communicate in the wild, a new study says."