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Brandon Morrow out for the season

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Sorry Brandon
Sorry Brandon
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Shi Davidi has the story, Brandon Morrow has a 'entrapped radial nerve' and is done for the season.

The Blue Jays' season just doesn't get better.

Apparently it is an injury that doesn't show up on an MRI. And there isn't surgery to fix it, the treatment will likely be 'extended rest'. Brandon has always been one of my favorites, I really feel bad for him.

Last year was Brandon's best as a starting pitcher, it really looked like he had it all figured out, until an oblique injury put him out for a couple of months. He still had great numbers, putting up a 2.96 ERA in 21 starts, with 98 hits allowed, 41 walks and 108 strikeouts. I was really looking forward to seeing what he would do this year.

Then this year didn't start well. He had a 4.69 ERA, before he went on the DL for the first time. Then came back to make 3 bad starts, it was clear that he was still hurting.

I think those that said that Brandon just could handle pain owe him an apology now. Poor guy.

Once again, who ever is writing this stuff has warped sense of humor.