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JJ was not Dy-no-Mite Sunday July 28, 2013 Links

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JJ hasn't been Kid Dy-no-Mite unless one is referring to the fact his starts always seem to blow up. Wasn't he supposed to be good or something? I can't remember anymore. Anyway here are some links for your morning reading including some horrible Jays history and some much better Expo history.

One of the few happy moments in the game.
One of the few happy moments in the game.
Tom Szczerbowski


Blue Jays: Josh Johnson roughed up again in loss to Astros | Toronto Star
The Star's Recap: The six-foot-seven right-hander struggled again on Saturday, giving up seven runs on seven hits — including three homers against the worst team in baseball.

Ultimate Astros » Porter skips the middleman to secure Astros’ 8-6 win over Blue Jays
Astros' Recap: Porter skips the middleman to secure Astros’ 8-6 win over Blue Jays


Cooperstown: Tom Cheek inducted into Hall of Fame | Toronto Star
Cheek, who died in 2005, broadcast 4,306 consecutive Blue Jays games, including the club’s two World Series victories.


This Six-Year-Old Apparently Hit Five Home Runs In Five At-Bats
According to this video's introduction, Spencer Conn is six years old and hit five home runs in five consecutive at-bats, all on the first pitches he saw. Note: SIGN HIM NOW!

Dodgers Could Be Last Team To Strike Gold With Local TV Deal | FanGraphs Baseball
FG's Wendy Thurm looks at the TV Sports bubble. It could be ugly for a lot of specialty channels (many deserved and a few not so much) if "A La Carte" becomes an option.

Topps to include WAR on back of future baseball cards | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Big League Stew: In another sign of the changing times and philosophies when it comes to statistical analysis in baseball, Topps editor Matthew Bleiberg has indicated on Twitter that the baseball card manufacturing company will be including the advanced stat WAR


Baseball History July 28th - National Pastime - Baseball History
1991 Expos' Dennis Martinez pitches a perfect game defeating Los Angeles 2-0 at Dodger Stadium. Ron Hassey becomes the first backstop to ever catch two perfect games as he also was behind the plate on May 15, 1981 when Indian hurler Len Barker faced 27 batters beating the Blue Jays, 3-0.

1995 The Yankees obtain David Cone from the Blue Jays in exchange for Marty Janzen and two minor leaguers, Jason Jarvis and Mike Gordon. The trade for the right-hander, considered to be one of the best deals in franchise history, will prove to an important piece of the team's success in the late nineties. Thanks Gord Ash, you moron.