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Today in dumb trade rumors: Jays interested in Justin Morneau

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Justin Morneau
Justin Morneau

Nick Cafardo, from the Boston Globe, has this today:

9. Justin Morneau, 1B, Twins - Contrary to some reports, the Twins have received "numerous calls" on Morneau, according to a major league source. Morneau will be a free agent after the season and it doesn't appear as if the Twins will re-sign him. Being Canadian, the Blue Jays are one team that has expressed interest. This is not the old MVP Morneau. He's hitting .264 with seven homers, 52 RBIs, and a .712 OPS.

Boston media, you have to love them (legally that's all I can say about Boston Media). What a dumb idea this would be. We really need another DH/first baseman? Or course, the only evidence Nick gives is that Morneau is Canadian, so, of course, the Jays would want him.

Beyond that Nick tells us that:

You hear different things among the scouts and executives about whether the Jays could sell off Buehrle and/or Josh Johnson

I'd imagine trading Johnson would be pretty tough at the moment, and Buehrle's contract would be tough to move. He also says that Darren Oliver could be moved. We'll see I guess.

I really would think that Casey Janssen could be moved. I think this would be the time to do it.