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Poll Time: Who do you think the Jays will trade before the deadline?

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Casey Janssen
Casey Janssen

With the 'non-waiver' trade deadline just a couple of days away, I thought I'd ask you all who you thought was most likely to be traded.

I'm going to give the ones I think are the most possible to trade.

  • Casey Janssen: with how over valued closers are at this time of year, I'd be shopping Casey (much as I love the guy). I mean Texas is in contention, and they are considering trading their closer. If you could get a good middle infield prospect or a starting pitching prospect, I think you'd have to do it.
  • Brett Cecil: an All-Star reliever, he would be worth a bunch to a contending team
  • Steve Delabar: same as the above, All-Star.
  • Darren Oliver: It would be a very easy trade, if he would go somewhere over than Fort Worth.
  • Adam Lind: left-handed bats, with power, are always in demand at deadline time. It depends if the Jays decide they want to keep him, his contract isn't bad.
  • Mark Buehrle: Mark has an ERA of about 3.46 in his last 10 starts. He has a great track record. For a contender that's a little short of starting pitching, he'd be a pretty attractive player. I'm sure the Jays wouldn't mind dumping that contract, but then I'm not sure how many teams would take that contract.
  • Jose Bautista: well, he'd have a fair bit of trade value, I don't think the Jays would trade him, personally.
  • Edwin Encarnacion: I'm only listing him because he must have the most trade value on the team, considering his power and his team friendly contract. Think of how much you could get for him.

I'm can't imagine the team could trade Emilio Bonifacio or Josh Johnson. I think Colby Rasmus would have a fair bit of trade value, but since Anthony Gose has been pretty lousy in Buffalo, I don't think he'll be going anywhere.

So let's have a poll.