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June she'll change her tune: Blue Jay pitchers in June

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June was a great month for most of our pitchers.

Dustin McGowan
Dustin McGowan

It is hard to believe we've put the first three months of the season behind us.

June was our best month by far, The Blue Jays went 17-9 in June. The pitchers had a 2.91 ERA, much better than the 4.52 mark in April and the 4.90 in May. The starters stepped things up, they had a 3.89 ERA in June much better than the 5.27 of April or the 5.74 in May. The relievers were great in June, putting up a 1.16 ERA, better than 3.35 in April and 3.85 in May.

R.A. Dickey: 3.71 ERA, 3-1, 5 starts, 34 innings, 28 hits, 5 home runs, 9 walks and 19 strikeouts. Batters hit .222/.288/.357 against him. Funny that in April and May he struck out 7.1 batters per 9, but June he only had 5.0 per 9 and yet he was much better this month. In his 5 starts, three were good and two were bad.

Mark Buehrle: 3.50 ERA, 2-2, 6 starts, 36 innings, 41 hits, 2 home runs, 10 walks, 22 k. Batters hit .283/.333/.400 against him. A much better month, he didn't give up more than 4 runs in any of the 6 starts.

Josh Johnson: 4.08, 1-1, 5 starts, 28.2 inning, 31 hits, 3 home runs, 9 walks, 30 k. Batters hit .267/.320/.440 against him. Like the other started, a big step forward. His last start was his worst of the month, 8 hits and 5 earned in 3.1 innings against the Red Sox.

Esmil Rogers: 2.27, 2-1, 6 games, 5 starts, 31.2 innings, 25 hits, 4 home runs (3 in a row), 8 walks, 20 strikeouts. Batters hit .217/.268/.357 against him. Other than the back-to-back-to-back home runs, it was a pretty amazing month. Who figured he could pitch like this?

Chien-Ming Wang: 5.24, 1-1 in 4 starts, 22.1, 28 his, 3 home runs, 7 walks, 10 strikeouts. Batters hit .322/.372/.471 against him. It was fun while it lasted. Well, no not really. There were a couple of moments that were fun.

Ramon Ortiz: Left his first start of the month after 2 innings, with an injury, as you all remember. He gave up 5 hits, 4 earned, 1 home run, 1 walk with 0 strikeouts before the pain.

Casey Janssen: 1.86, 2-0, 6 saves, 9.2 innings, 6 hits, 0 home runs, 3 walks and 6 strikeouts. Batters hit .182/.243/.273 against him. He had 1 blown save in there, the only time he gave up runs in the month and we won anyway.

Brett Cecil: 0.71, 2-0, 2 holds, 12.2 innings, 4 hits, 0 home runs, 3 walks, 14 k. Batters hit .098/.159/.122. It took him until the 25th to give up his first hit of the month.

Steve Delabar: 0.00, 1-0, 3 holds, 1 blown save/win, 10 innings, 8 hits, 6 walks, 21 strikeouts. Batters hit .200/.304/.225 against him. He pitched 30 outs, 21 of them were strikeouts. I'll admit, the way Gibby is using his bugs me. His last 4 games he came into the game with us down by 4, down by 3, a tie game (after Darren Oliver started the inning and loaded the bases) and us up by 6. And yet the close games in between, he wasn't used. Tie game in the bottom of the 9th, June 30 against the Red Sox, Juan Perez goes in. Friday June 28, same Red Sox, tie game in the 7th, Neil Wagner goes in. July 2nd, against the Tigers, tie game in the 8th, Wagner goes in. We lost all three games. It seems like he's getting the low leverage spots.

Aaron Loup: 0.00, 1-0, 1 save, 10.1 innings, 7 hits, 0 walks, 9 k. Batters hit .206/.250/.235 against him.

Darren Oliver: 4.50, 1-0, 1 hold, 1 blown save/win, 6.0, 5 hits, 1 home run, 2 walks, 5 k. Batters hit .250/.318/.400 against him. He's about the only reliever that hasn't been great.

Juan Perez: 0.00, 0-1, 1 blown save, 1 loss. 10.2, 8 hits, 4 unearned runs, 4 walks, 9 k. Batters hit .216/.293/.216. A zero ERA but a blown save and a loss in the month.

Neil Wagner: 2.45, 1-2, 4 saves. 11 innings, 8 hits, 1 home runs, 5 walks, 5 k. Batters hit .211/.302/.289 against him. He got a lot of work in June.

Dustin McGowan: 2.84, 0-0. 6.1, 5 hits, 2 home runs, 3 walks, 7 k. Batters hit .200/.310/.480. I keep forgetting that he is in the pen but then I think Gibby does too. I did enjoy watching him strikeout Evan Longoria. I wonder if they will consider giving him Wang's spot in the rotation.